Jackson Selection and Fitting Guide


  • The skating boots you choose should suit both your type of skating and your physical characteristics (are you a beginner or advanced?; tall or short?, heavy or light?, etc)
  • More advanced skaters often choose all leather boots and separate blades and have them mounted by a professional mounter. Beginners may prefer less expensive pre-mounted skates [it is recommended that pre-mounted blades on non-leather soles and heels, should be attached by screws to allow blade adjustment].
  • The boot leather ‘upper’ should be moderately stiff for beginners and become progressively stiffer for more advanced boots.
  • Fitting

  • Boots should be comfortable [there will be initial discomfort at ankles and ‘pressure’ points]. The skater’s heel should fit snugly back into the heel ‘cup’ and the toes should not be cramped and should have room to raise slightly [In a standing position the skater’s big toe should just lightly touch the toe cap]. Be sure not to bend the sole of non-bladed boots during fitting.
  • Initial boot size may be determined by measurement of the skater’s foot with a measuring stick [ NOTE: As a Jackson dealer we have the measuring stick which is specifically made for sizing Jackson boots – If you desire you can send us a tracing of your exact foot and we can suggest the best size for you based on this.]
  • Breaking in Jackson Skates

    Off Ice

  • DO NOT walk on boots that are not bladed. Once bladed and with skate guards on, lace up somewhat loose at top. Do knee bends and/or walk up stairs slowly and carefully. Stop this process periodically and unlace and relace skates. Do not ignore chafing or irritation – blisters could result.
  • Jackson Heat Moldable system – This is a standard feature in the leather sole product line. This process speeds up break in time exponentially
  • On Ice

  • Wear thin socks
  • Lace and unlace boots several times before each skating session 
  • Lacing at top of boot should be loose 
  • Keep initial skating sessions short 
  • Sizing

  • Detailed Fitting and Foot Sizing guide
  • If you are unsure exactly what size skate you should be buying please refer the these directions on obtaining the most accurate sizing for Jackson skates and your foot. This page is provided to assist you in purchasing the best fitted skate possible. Please note however, that On The Edge is not responsible for skates which have been sized incorrectly.

    It is very important to measure both the length and the width of your largest foot when measuring for skate sizes.

    To measure length: stand on a measuring tape and measure from the tip of your big toe to the center of your back heel.

    To measure width: measure the widest part of your foot in inches. This will usually cause the tape to be positioned at an angle. See picture below for a better idea. *Note: Measure the circumference of your foot, not just the bottom.

    Once you have your foot length and width measure please refer to the sizing charts below to see which Jackson skate size is best suited for your unique foot.

  • Children and Tot Sizing Charts

  • Women’s Sizing Charts